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Wierd Secrets To Take Soap Production From Bronze To Diamond Level. Savvy Veteran's Guide To Learning Specific Secret Procedures To Produce 6 Different Kinds of Liquid Soap (Shampoo, Car wash, Bathing etc)  & Never Have To Buy Soap Again!

Have you read our free 18-PAGE ALL-FACT MANUAL on Soap Production?

Those that have read it really enjoyed it. We got tonnes and tonnes of encouragement, You ROCK!!!

While I commend your efforts to bless people to get something doing especially as the economy bites.   More ink to your pen. I must say the e-book is concise and detailed. Mrs Oyebola

Thank you for all the reports you sent. They were quite self explanatory. Mr Imafidon

It has been really informative so far,thank u so much.As for me,I intend to produce for use and to sell as well.God bless you. Mrs Shoyombo

Guess what, you asked and we have listened.

First, let me tell you about Mr 3600 Soap Man.

We met Mr Orolade (originally from Ife but now in Ibadan) shortly after we sent the free 18-PAGE ALL-FACT MANUAL on Soap Production. You would be shocked at his level of dexterity when it comes to soap production. Soap manufacturers actually hate people like him. He specially produces his own car wash soap and then produces another one for washing clothes. He has a different one for washing dishes and window glass.

He is so "weird" that he even even produces differently for bathing soap and hand wash! devil


Back to what we were discussing earlier. You asked and we have listened.

Now is time to Take Your Soap Production Skill From Bronze To Diamond Level.


Mr 3600 Soap Man said something I want you to think about:

Do you know that an average Nigerian household spends thousands on naira on various types of soap monthly? I produce liquid soaps optimized for various things with little money once, USE FOR MONTHS & SOMETIMES SELL!

You too can be like him.

In fact, I remember one of our other experts who saw a 4-litre keg of car wash & wax liquid I bought on Dealdey (link here) two years ago, she was like "WeGoSurvive has to up its game to help more people save cash on things like this or make cash producing things like this. People need to stop seeing these as rocket science".


WeGoSurvive has put together a MASTER MANUAL to explain specific and simplified procedures to Produce 6 Different Kinds of Liquid Soap

  1. Shampoo
  2. Car Wash Wax
  3. Bathing Soap
  4. Hand Wash
  5. Glass & Windows
  6. Dishes & Cutleries

Why do we have different types of liquid soap?

This is because what might be good to wash dishes might make clothes fade fast. What might be good to wash clothes might cause skin problems when used to bath or affect car paint!


How do I get the Master Manual?


Liquid Soap Master Manual => N7500 N4999

To pay online NOW - click here https://paystack.com/pay/wegosurvive

For bank transfer - GTB | Edawah Technologies | 0030212250

After payment, please send payment details to [email protected] or call 09099576339


Why This "Expensive"6

Yeah, because it is not. Trust the WeGoSurvive brand, we strive to only push value to you, in a concise way.

In fact, we are giving you a 30-day warranty! We would refund your money if you do not get value (T&C apply)

The MASTER MANUAL is not something you want to miss. Use this CHEAP opportunity to hone your skills on Soap Production. Some of the training centres around charge around N3000 to teach you poorly about just 1 THING.

We are giving you 6 at almost no fee!

Sincerely, I think you shouldn't miss this opportunity.

The process takes less than 1 hour. Find time to do this anytime during the week when you come back from work.

Just like food, we all use soap in one form or another.

You can make back the N3500 in 1 week; in one transaction sef! Check out how much I bought 4ltrs of car wash wax in April 2015 on the Dealdey link above. How much would it be sold now? Take this opportunity now.

Package and sell online (Dealdey, Jumia etc), sell to your office, neighbours, religious gatherings etc. Depending on the scale of production, extra N10k once in a while would make how many more pots of stew?


I am a "Boti",  I cannot be selling soap

See you! Stop living in 1923. So ALAKOWE does not need money. Get out of your shell and smell the coffee.

Even if your current earning can cater for all your needs, think of being able to send more money to your parents, think of being able to buy more textbooks & toys for the children, think of ..... hundreds of things. Just 30-45min once in a while producing soap; take to your office or sell to neighbours. Use the profit to help someone or help your family. Haba!

Worst case, think of the comfort; not having to run around buying soap. Produce once and use for months!


Why Pay When I Know I Am Busy & Probably Wouldn't Do It?

Who says? Join the multimedia course and see it done LIVE. 30 mins to save you thousands monthly is good deal for anyone. By the way, you can teach your sisters, wife, house help etc to do it for you!


Would it work?

No lame stories. You wouldn't hear such from us. We are out to sincerely add value. The economy is enough worry.


For more information, please reply this mail or call 09099576339


P.S. Use Our Master Manual To Generate Great Value For Your Family & Wallet.


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