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[FREE Email Course +  20-PAGE ALL FACT MANUAL]

  With Almost ZERO Capital, You Too Can Earn Money From Small-Scale Snail Farming. Highly Nutritious, Huge Market & Little Stress  

I started snail farming with ZERO NAIRA and grew to over 200 snails right from my balcony, neatly. Despite my full-time job, I create value readily for both my pocket and kitchen pot.
Akintayo Owolabi, Ibadan

Times are hard. Money is hard to come by and when it come, disappears faster than ever. There is a great need to urgently augment our income.

It is time to look inwards. Wetin my hands fit do?

What are those skills YOU can learn to >>>earn some extra cash in your spare time<<<?

WeGoSurvive.com is a platform for us all to come together and learn strategies to weather the storm.

This time, we are bringing to you a FREE 20-PAGE manual on Small-Scale Snail Farming.


Just like Mr Owolabi and lots of other people, you too can profit from Snail Farming. Trust me, it is not rocket science.

Heliculture, popularly referred to as snail farming is generally regarded as one of the simplest forms of animal husbandry. It is relatively easier, less labour intensive and is not heavy on time consumption. It does not require any serious form of expertise or professionalism at all, atleast for small scale. Essentially, anybody, you too, can do it.


In this 20-page FREE manual, we have extensively explained, with lots of illustrations, all the steps you need to start from ZERO or almost ZERO naira. Below are the sections contained in the manual:

  • Introduction To Snail Farming
  • How Much Do I Need To Get Started?
  • What Environment Do I Need?
  • Snaileries & Types of Snail Farming
  • Extensive System
  • Feeding Your Snails
  • Sourcing for Snails
  • Other Materials/Tools Required
  • Snail Breeding
  • Snails & Their Peculiar Diseases
  • Key Precautions
  • Boosting Your Snail’s Growth
  • Snail Processing
  • Snail Preservation Tips
  • Snail Packaging Tips
  • Estimated Profit
  • Tips On How To Market Your Product

We partnered and interviewed a number of EXPERIENCED SNAIL FARMERS (no be story story) and read works of numerous other on-the-ground professionals. Guess what, the manual is fully FREE!

Hurry, download the manual NOW. It is free only for a limited period of time.

Yes, you are busy but luckily, snail rearing is so easy. It is cheap to breed and feed.

Have you ever had an unexpected visitor around 22nd of the month when artificial recession has set in in the kitchen, meat don finish! With one or two pens in your backyard, you are safe. A major problem with this is that the visitors would keep coming back!surprise

Even if you do not do it for the business value, do it for the children, do it for the family. Snails are highly nutritious and delicious. They contain high percentage of protein (12-16%) and irons (45-50 mg/kg), they are low in fat, containing almost all the amino acids needed by humans. Its medicinal value is high and is known to control hypertension, cancer, skin sickness among other ailments.

P.S. Look around; read the signs written everywhere, it is time to look inwards. Wetin my hands fit do?

P.P.S. Snail Farming is not rocket science. Register the free mail course and download the course manual for FREE. As long as you take action, it would either make you earn money, save money or both.



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