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Whoelse Wants To Follow These Step-By-Step Processes To Turn Your Backyard Into A Goldmine, Planting Jute Vegetables. Earning & Saving Money


“For land clearing and bed preparation of a small section on our backyard (1/7 of a plot), I spent around N1500. I did not do it myself, paid someone to do it for me...I bought the jute seed for less than five hundred naira (N500) at IITA, Ibadan. I spend few minutes weeding in the morning before setting out and in the evening after returning back. On harvesting, in about a month, I still had fifteen thousand naira as net profit.

Hamzat Rasheed, LAUTECH Ogbomosho student

Times are hard. Money is hard to come by and when it comes, it disappears faster than ever. There is a great need to urgently augment our income and regulate our spending.

It is time to look inwards. Wetin my hands fit do?

What are those skills YOU & I can learn to >>>SAVE or EARN EXTRA CASH in our spare time<<<?

WeGoSurvive.com is a platform for us all to come together and learn strategies to weather the storm.

This time, we are bringing to you a FREE Email Course + 16-PAGE manual on Vegetable Farming.

Enough of the big grammar. Jute is big English word for Ewedu (Yoruba) , Rama (Hausa), Ahingbara (Igbo). Yes, that same green thing you used to buy for N50 but now buy for N150 (more expensive in dry season). Beeni, na soo.

Honestly, it is not rocket science. Follow the simple steps explained in the manual, avoid the pit falls & GBAM! Create value out of your backyard.

We had an interview with a smart student of LAUTECH, Hamzat Rasheed:

School (LAUTECH) no gree open. I sef no gree waste time. Na just small small jama jama tins.enlightenedwink

Read about how he set up his farm and markets his produce in the manual.

You too can do it. In fact, you can do far better. He only cultivated 1/7 of a plot and made just N15,000. Just download, read and apply the simple steps outlined in our FREE 16-Page manual - The Smart ALAKOWE’s Guide To Vegetable Farming.

Be a Smart ALAKOWETM and stop forming "one-kain aje butter".

What is stopping you from starting?

A cup of vegetable seed costs just N200! You do not necessarily have to do the heavy-lifting yourself.

Below are the sections of the manual:

  • Introduction To Vegetable Farming
  • Merits Of Vegetable Farming
  • Jute Vegetable - Description
  • How Much Do I Need To Get Started?
  • What Do I Need To Start?
  • Getting started
  • Harvesting
  • Pests And Diseases
  • Marketing And Sales Tips – An Interview with Hamzat Rasheed, a student of LAUTECH, Ogbomosho


Remember, you can either do it to make money or save money. A non-stop supply of free vegetables to the kitchen would not only relieve your pocket but put a smile on the face of your parents, your partner, your children etc.

Just register for the course by filling the form on this page and download your FREE report.


P.S. Look around; read the signs written everywhere, it is time to look inwards. Wetin my hands fit do?

P.P.S. Vegetable Farming is not rocket science. Download the manual for FREE and get huge value. As long as you take action, it would either make you earn money, save money or both.



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