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Who Else Wants To Learn The Production of Infection-Fighting Antiseptic Solution To Stay Healthy, Save Huge Money on Buying Big Brand Names & Possibly Make Money Through Small Scale Production


Times are interesting. Money is hard to come by and when it comes, it disappears faster than before. There is a great need to urgently augment our income and reduce what money is spent on.

It is time to look inwards. Wetin my hands fit do?

What are those skills YOU can learn to >>>earn/save some extra cash in your spare time<<<?

WeGoSurvive.com is a platform for us all to come together and learn strategies to weather the storm.

This time, we are bringing to you a FREE email course + 11-PAGE manual containing simplified details of the Antiseptic Liquid Solution Production process.


What are Antiseptics?

Antiseptics are solutions that prevent infections by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic (harmful) microorganism. Bacteria and fungi are microorganisms, that is, one cannot see them without the use of a microscope as it is too tiny to be seen with the naked eyes.

A popular brand name is Dettol.


Antiseptics Production

The production of antiseptics is not as complicated as you may think.

Sure, it is not rocket science.

Why would you not take your personal hygiene and that of your own family to another level? Keep diseases away, in a cheaper way!


The good thing about this is that you can be sure even if you do not earn money by selling, you would save money! Depending on your location and the quantity you wish to produce, with as low as N3500 you can start producing your own antiseptic, enough to last the household for months!

Antiseptic solutions are used in homes, hospitals, eateries, schools, public toilets and bathrooms, animal houses etc.


The Course & Manual

This email course and accompanying manual will take you through the production process of antiseptics:

  • how to combine the chemicals (ingredients) in the right proportion
  • materials needed for production,
  • give an idea of the cost of the ingredients and materials
  • and finally how to package them for sale (for those who will make a business out of it).

Register on this page for free to download the manual and have access to the concise email course.


FREE Email Courses & Course Manuals