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Nigeria is having its worst economic period in a long time.

Looking at the metrics, unfortunately, there seems to be no clear hope in the horizon.

The personal economy of most people right now is a time bomb. For some people, the bomb has already exploded. People are being retrenched, salaries are being slashed or not being paid. Entrepreneurs & industrialists too are not spared.

What makes it worse is that despite the dwindling cash available to most people, prices of essential and non-essential commodities are going up by the second.

Unless we all do something right, smartly and quickly, there are tendencies that our conditions may remain pitiable.

This is not to predict doom but a wake-up-call for you to smell the coffee, come out of your shell and start sniffing for smart opportunities that may come around, no matter how small.

Look around; read the signs written everywhere, it is time to look inwards. Whetin my hand fit do?

Don’t look at our dear Aliko Dangote’s position today but zoom deep down into how he started. Why not learn a skill and get value out of it; starting small and pushing through with resilience and focus.


WeGoSurvive is a platform for us all to come together and learn strategies to weather the storm.

We are out to answer just 1 key question:

What are those little skills YOU can learn to earn some extra cash in your spare time?

  1. We would be going into the bush, climbing mountains & entering caves to uncover lots of what you consider to be rocket science.
  2. We would then present the steps in a simplified way plus strategies on how to package, market & make money.

The resources would come in various formats/modes including texual, video, LIVE online classes etc.

See this as Apprenticeship 2.0, facilitated digitally, simplified and convenient.

FREE Email Courses & Course Manuals